British Dressage at Lane Farm - 18th May 2014 Sunday's British Dressage was a grand day. We had lovely sunshine and brilliant competition. We had some great tests and lovely competitors, travelling quite a distance to compete with us. We hope you enjoyed the soothing background music as you did your tests. Hope to see back at Lane Farm for British Dressage on Sunday, 20 July 2014.
Class Winners:
Prelim 18 Alice Mercer Loumio Flame Lily
Prelim 13 Anna Bates Bumble 11
Nov 27 Tiberious 111 (R) Jo Amer
Nov 27 Donveyron (O) Tracey Kibler
Nov 34 Donveyron Tracey Kibler
Elem 44 Fresh Start Carrie Douglas Booth 

Elem 50 Cascento Clare Hinchcliffe