Show Jumping Sunday 12th Feb



Thank you everyone for turning up yesterday and supporting our first Showjumping competition in a while.  It was great to be back showjumping even on such and cold and wet day but it was made all the warmer by seeing friendly faces old and new. 

Thank you to our team including BS Officials Keith McVittie and Linda Watson who are always a great help to Lane Farm and a warm welcome to Louise and Sean of Rapid Reaction 1st Aid support.

Our next Showjumping Sunday is the 12th March, hope to see you there for more great showjumping action, points and prizes.  All under the umbrella and reassurance of Rapid Reaction with their professional emergency 1st aid and specialised equipment.

Thank you Joe and Jean for my slimming world bacon and mushroom wrap (omelette) -  look no bread! …  will catch on I’m sure.

Everyone did well yesterday.

Congratulations to our Winners and placings.


50 cm

1st – Mollie Kavanagh and April

2nd – Jen Phizachea and Flash Harry

3rd – Sam Herdman and Turnip

Joint 4th – Frankie Herdman and Fudge

Joint 4th – Demi-Leigh Cair and Cooley

6th – Anna Cowperthwaite and Nutty



1st - Mollie Kavanagh and April

2nd - Demi-Leigh Cair and Cooley

Joint 3rd - Frankie Herdman and Fudge

Joint 3rd – Suzy and Harps of Brentagne

5th - Sam Herdman and Turnip

6th - Jen Phizachea and Flash Harry


70cm Open Pony

1st – Charlie Parker and Secret Fortune

2nd - Mollie Kavanagh and April

3rd – Sam Herdman and Fudge

4th – Anna Cowperthwaite and Nutty

5th – Ellie Grundy and Johnny


80cm Open Pony

1st – Harri Baker and Olly

2nd – Charlie Parker and Secret Fortune

3rd – Ellie Grundy and Foxy


90cm Open Pony

1st – Harri Baker and Olly

2nd – Harri Baker and Strider

3rd – Ellie Grundy and Foxy

4th – Chloe Main and Frankie Hollywood


70cm Open Horse

1st – Daisy Weston and Honey

2nd – Eleanor Mcmanus and Del

3rd – Pauline Addis and Starlight

4th – Sue and Fawdon

5th – Amy Thomson and Bordergrove Honolulu

6th – Simone Sainthouse and Midge


80cm Open Horse

1st – Helen Hogg and Cali

2nd – Lisa Richardson and Harry

3rd – Peter Blackburn and Goldie

4th – Laura Wright and Elfi

5th – Eleanor Mccmanus

6th – Sam Graham and Coconut Girl

90cm Open

1st – Helen Hogg and Lux

2nd – Steph Green and Tigger

3rd – Jade Smith and Popular Demand

4th – Laura Wright and Elfi

5th – Lisa Richardsona and Harry

6th – Sam Graham and Coconut Girl

Lane Farm is back Showjumping on Sunday 12th February 2017!

Please refer to our Sunday Schedule as attached. CLICK HERE

We have a new Shooting Stars league for our 50cm/60cm on the day, together with our 70cm/80cm Grandslam leagues for horses and ponies.  Don’t forget points for placings down to 6th place.

Alongside these leagues, British Showjumping Club classes offer league points for BS. Club members.  Membership of BS Club and accrued points in the Northern league will take you to the National Championships in August … a memorable experience.  Refer to BS CLUB.

We have British Showjumping officials to build the course and judge for you.  Jackets and ties are required to be worn by yourselves.  All of this giving you a taster and satisfaction of a proper days showjumping.

PLEASE NOTE -  also NEW to our Showjumping Sunday Shows will be the presence of an external First Aid Event team ‘Rapid Reaction’ -  this gives us all ‘peace of mind in emergency situations and waiting time for emergency services’.

Entries can now be taken through ‘Equo’ online entries for any showjumping and dressage entries.  Don’t worry though we can still take entries on the day.

We can offer the showjump course for hire on the Monday after Showjumping Sunday.

Lane Farm Equestrian also offer facilities for private hire, competition/clinic hire.

Our Wednesday evening Shooting Stars is postponed for the time being however we have added a new Shooting Stars league for the 50cm/60cm to our Sunday schedule.

Wishing you all a Happy and Successful year with your trusty steeds and we look forward to seeing you at our ‘Showjumping Sunday, 12th February 2017.


Lane Farm Equestrian J J



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Sunday concluded 2016’s Four Seasons Dressage year.
As always it’s a great day with some very competitive competition with excellent scores. The Dressage to Music was lovely to watch and fills everyone full of smiles.

Well done to everyone who has took part throughout the year and a big well done to Lane Farm’s Four Seasons Dressage Champions.

Just a quick reminder our Four Seasons Dressage Leagues begin again on Sunday 22nd January and the NEW schedule is available now on the Events page
We also have exciting news for the new year… Lane Farm have officially registered with Equo and will be publishing Four Seasons Dressage and British Dressage events on their website soon. For anyone who is not familiar with Equo please do not panic it is very simple to use and we are here to help. We can still take paper entries in January!

Thank you once again for supporting Lane Farm and making these days possible.
We look forward to seeing you again next year.

CHAMPION CLASS RESULTS - 4th December 2016


1st – Amy Thomson + Bordergrove Honolulu   72.39%

2nd – Hayley Wilson + Bonnie   72.17%

3rd – Debbie Smith + Resolute   71.3(74)%

4th – Lesley Dawson + Trowan Promise   71.3(72)%

5th – David Morris + Phantom    68.26%

6th – Faye Brown + Charlie   67.61%


1st – Megan Brown + Hillgarth Rio Bravo   71.54%

2nd – Stevie Dowson + Harvey   69.42%

3rd – Karen Lough + Helmydds Cookie   65.77%

4th – Lesley Dawson + Trowan Promise   65.58%

5th – Chantelle Ellis + Cherry   62.5%

6th -  Lauren Young + Gunner  60.96%

Dressage to Music (Prelim)

1st – Carolyn Mouat + JackPot   144

2nd – Lesley Dawson + Trowan Promise   138

3rd – Megan Brown + Hillgarth Rio Bravo   132

4th – Larnie Moule + Billy    125

5th – Faye Brown + Charlie    117

6th – Emma Metcalfe + Peter   116.5


1st – Laura Wright + Elfi Von Birkenhof    75%

2nd – Megan Brown + Hillgarth Rio Bravo   69.76%

3rd – Pauline Addis + Billy   65.48(40.5)%

4th – Trysha Stephenson + Squared Up   65.48(40)%

5th – David Morris + Commanchi Z   65.48%

6th – Jade Smith + Popular Demand   64.05%


1st – Laura Wright + Elfi Von Birkenhof   66.4%