Grandslam Championship Presentation and Show Results - Sunday 12th June 2016


 Yesterday was our regular Grandslam Sunday Showjumping day but with a difference.

At 1.15pm we had our Grandslam Champions presentation for 2016.

Congratulations to our Grandslam Sunday League Champions.

Grandslam Pony Champion 2016  :  Rebecca Wilkins and Star

Reserve :  Emily Scott and Winter Flame

Best Lane Farmer (Livery) in Grandslam Pony League  :  Georgia Carpenter and Isney

Grandslam Horse Champion 2016  :  Fiona Wood and Harvey

Reserve:  Jade Smith and Popular Demand

Best Lane Farmer in Grandslam Horse League  :  Jade Smith and Popular Demand

 Achievement Award for most improved at 50/60cm level  :  Ellen More and Stan

Thank you to everyone who supports Lane Farm Showjumping.

Grandslam competitions are held the second Sunday of every month and Shooting Stars Showjumping every Wednesday evening.

Please check events page for further details and schedules.

Yesterdays Grandslam Show  :  Class Results

50cm  :  Winner:  Charlotte Hughes and Tinkerbell

2nd : Bethan Tweedy and Union Jack,  3rd :  Hannah Dickson and Dougal

60cm  :  Winner:  Charlie Parker and Secret Fortune

2nd :  Charlotte Hughes and Tinkerbell,  3rd :  Isabella Andreyeva and Spangles

60cms Pairs Relay:  Winners:  Isabella Andreyeva and Spangles, Estelle Mitchell and Lenny

70cms  BS Club Pony  :  Winner:  Emily Scott and Winter Flame

2nd :  Carolyn Dickson and Asti,  3rd :  Charlotte Hughes and Tinkerbelle

80 cms BS Club Pony  :  Winner :  Charlie Parker and Secret Fortune

2nd :  Carolyn Dickson and Asti, 3rd : Emily Scott and Winter Flame

90 cms BS Club Pony :  Winner:  Emily Scott and Winter Flame

2nd :  Sophie Bass and Lu Lou

70 cms BS Club Horse :  Winner:  Gail Wilson and Folly Harvey Moon

2nd :  Lisa Richardson and Harry, 3rd :  Emily Scott and Redesdale May

80 cms BS Club Horse :  Winner:  Fiona Wood and Harvey

2nd :  Stacie Cox and Johnny,  3rd:  Gail Wilson and Folly Harvey Moon

90 cms BS Club Horse  :  Winner:  Lauren Crowe and Little Boy Scout

2nd :  Ben Cowan and El Color de Bay,  3rd :  Rachel Crozier and Quiet Girl JJ

1 m BS Club Horse  :  Winner:  Ben Cowan and El Color de Bay

2nd :  Lauren Crowe and Little Boy Scout,  3rd :  Fiona Wood and George

Hope to see you all soon at our next Grandslam Sunday which is, Sunday 10th July 2016.

Bye for now … L.F.E  J J







LANE FARM EQUESTRIAN based at Hartford Road, Bedlington is a reputable livery yard and competition centre.

 Our aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with great facilities for horse and rider. Whether you are a leisure rider or more competitive rider, we cater for your needs.

 Having a large indoor arena at our disposal, riders have the opportunity to ride all year round; whatever the weather. Even in snow and ice or howling gale, you have the opportunity to keep your horse fit, training up to date, or just have a ride; you are in a protected environment.

 We have 400 acre of off-road riding as well as two outdoor arenas. Competition is on your door step with weekly showjumping, frequent dressage events and training. We have our own exciting Championship Leagues together with British Showjumping and British Dressage Events.

 High on the agenda at Lane Farm and recommended by the British Horse Society and governing Veterinarian bodies, is the importance of Bio-Security and the protection of our livery horses. To this end new horses are screened for Strangles and are quarantined for three weeks.

 Any contagious disease, whether it be Strangles, Equine Flu, Herpes, Foreign diseases and even Ringworm would manifest itself in that time. Thus ensuring our existing herd safe, as any infectious animal would be isolated from the main herd, from the onset of arrival.

 Enjoying the benefits of competition on site also brings the challenges of visiting horses. However, NO horses other than livery horses are allowed in our stable yard and all good bio-security measures are taken in our competition area.

 Our Quarantine Facilities include, Field Shelter/Stable/Field/Feed and Exercise area, all set aside from our Stable Yard.

 Quarantining new horses makes sense - giving our existing liveries peace of mind, helping eradicate and keep disease at bay.

 Three weeks pass very quickly and don’t forget you still ride – however afterwards you are able to enjoy our wonderful facilities and great social atmosphere. Oh .. and don’t forget to check out our website events page for happenings at Lane Farm.

 To help new livery customers with initial screening, Lane Farm has a great offer: - YOUR FIRST MONTHS LIVERY FREE! - What could be fairer … Feel free to contact us for more information regarding Lane Farm Equestrian.

Tel. 01670 823042/ 07719 645283

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Grandslam - 8th May 2016

What a beautiful day it was yesterday sun glasses and sun creams at the ready!
If you noted our previous posting concerning Grandslam you will remember there
was a tie for first place at the end of our 80cm Pony Grandslam Champions League. Our contenders
were Rebecca Wilkins with Star and Emily Scott with Winter Flame.
Yesterdays ‘decider’ confirmed 13 yr old Rebecca Wilkins with Star to be our 80cm Pony Grandslam Champion for 2015/2016. Emily with Flame went first but unfortunately had the first part of the
double down. Rebecca rode her beloved little Star and kept a cool head to master a lovely clear round. Rebecca can always remember she won her own Grandslam Championship the day Michael Jung famously won his at Badminton!!
We would like to congratulate Rebecca and Emily on their performances. Two lovely young girls who are great competitors here at Lane Farm, enjoying an exciting finish to their Championship.
True young sportswoman with their horsey passion at heart but with such friendly and happy attitudes. Well Done Girls!
Our decider for Reserve Champion in the 80cm Horse Grandslam was one by Jade Smith on Popular Demand. Jess Hayes and Valentino gave her best, knocking seconds off the time but unfortunately had a fence down.
May we take this opportunity to thank all competitors who participated in last years Grandslam
event and just to remind you that we are now at the start of the 2016/2017 year. So come and participate and earn your Sunday League points here at Lane Farm.
Our Grandslam Show runs, the second Sunday of every month so look out for our Schedule.
This Show is available to all unaffiliated riders including the British Showjumping Club Classes.
70cm – 1.00m. If you are a BS Club member and are placed in these classes you earn points for
for the BS Club Northern League. Unaffiliated riders participate for prizes and rosettes.
BS Club costs £30.00 per annum to join with participants having the chance to qualify to go to the
Club Championships at the BS National Championships in August, held at Stoneleigh.
If you would like to know more details concerning BS Club membership, please contact L.F.E or the
British Showjumping Office.
Thank you to all who attended yesterday’s Show and thank you to the L.F.E. team once again.
Our next Grandslam competition will be, Sunday 12 June 2016, a full day of Showjumping, to include our Grandslam Champions 2015/2016 presentation.
Hope to see you there …. L.F.E.


April’s Grandslam Showjumping drew the current Grandslam League Year to a close.

Thank you for everyone who attended our Sunday Showjumping League this last year. We had some great showjumping and thrilling jump offs!

HOWEVER, exciting to the end, can you believe we have a tie for first place in the 80cm Grandslam Pony League. We still have to find our Champion!

A huge Well Done to Rebecca Wilkins riding her cherished Star and Emily Scott, with her much loved and bouncy Winter Flame Blaze. Both our contenders tied on 57 points. To find our Champion both girls with compete at this Sundays Grandslam in the 80cm Club/Grandslam Pony class. The competitor with the best score will be crowned our Grandslam Pony Champion for 2015/2016!

We have much pleasure in announcing our 80cm Grandslam Horse Champion … Our Championship for 2015/16 goes to Fiona Wood and her magnificent Harvey. In great style, Fiona set the pace and consistently had great results every Grandslam to be the clear winner and our well deserved Champion.

HOWEVER, we have another tie – this time for Reserve Champion in this league, between Jade Smith with Popular Demand and Jess Hayes with Valentino. Again this will be decided at our Grandslam on Sunday 8th May. Both girls will enter the 80cm Grandslam Horse Class and the best score of the two will decide Reserve Champion.

Our Best Lane Farmer for the 80cm Pony Grandslam League goes Georgia Carpenter with Rachel Croziers’s Isney and Best Lane Farmer for the 80cm Horse Grandslam League goes to Jade Smith with Popular Demand. This is the second year running Georgia and Jade have won these Awards, what competitive Lane Farmers these two are, with boundless determination and talent. Our Grandslam Achievement Cup for the most improved rider in the 50cm and 60cms goes to Ellen More with Stan. Congratulations to Ellen who is only 11 years old who rides the infamous Stan. Ellen has progressed from riding in Clear round competitions and 50cms to winning at the 65cm level. Well Done Ellen and Stan.

Our next Grandslam Showjumping Day is this Sunday, 8th May. For anyone new to Lane Farm’s Grandslam, this a new start for our Sunday leagues at 80cm Pony and 80cm Horse. The Grandslam Leagues run from May to the end of April the following year. We host one Grandslam per month, usually the 2nd Sunday in the month.

This Schedule also includes British Showjumping Club Classes (which any unaffiliated rider can join in). All classes have prizes and rosettes to 6th place. Don’t forget to check out our schedule … on our website events page … Grandslam at Lane Farm is a great Showjumping Day, not to be missed! Just to note our 2015/2016 Champions presentation will be held at our June Grandslam which will be Sunday, 12 June 2016.

Thank you … Happy Showjumping … L.F.E 