Grandslam Sunday  -  24th January 2016
Thank you to everyone who supported our Grandslam Showjumping  yesterday.

What a thrilling day we had with some real competitive showjumping, accompanied by some really boppy music which made a great atmosphere. 
I have to say there were a lot of results made by four faulting at the last fence, which made some exciting finishes and some shrieking going on!
Well done to Hannah Dickson who impressed us with a double clear in the 50cm.  First time jumping on her lovely Highland Pony, Dougal J

Charlie Parker stormed to win the 60cm Open Pony with her pony Secret.  A warm up for her entry into the first Club class of the day, the 70cms, where she came 4th, gaining points for herself and Secret in the British Showjumping Northern League.  Great stuff Charlie!!

Rachel Crozier and Georgia Carpenter had us hanging onto our seats as Isney whizzed around to win the pairs jumping.

Congratulations to Emily Scott, Harriet Branch, Sophii Judy, Fiona Wood and Katy Brown for their impressive wins.

Harriet Branch, Emily Scott and Kate Dutton also qualified for the Winter League Dengie 90cm Qualifier preliminary round.

Thank you for supporting Lane Farm’s Grandslam Sunday. J  J

Our next date for Grandslam is Sunday 14th February 2016 – Valentines Day!
50cm 1st place – Hannah Dickson + Dougal
60cm 1st place – Charlie Parker + Secret
60cm Pairs Relay 1st place – Rachel Crozier + Lady and Georgia Carpenter + Isney
70cm Pony 1st place – Emily Scott + Winter Flame
80cm Pony 1st place – Harriet Branch + Just Turned Up
90cm Pony 1st place – Harriet Branch + Just Turned Up
70cm Horse 1st place –  Sophii Judy + E. Ebsloute II
80cm Horse 1st place – Fiona Wood + Harvey
90cm Horse 1st place – Katy Brown + Midnight Dancer

Happy New Year Everyone
We began the New Year with Four Seasons Unaffiliated Dressage on Sunday 3rd January. A thoroughly wet day but still an excellent turn out. It’s great to have so many keen competitors attend Lane Farm.
Don’t forget riders to follow your progress in our Annual Four Seasons Championships, refer to the 4 leagues for Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary. To check out these leagues see our website ( and click on ‘dressage leagues’ page.
The top 10 in each league and anyone placed 1st or 2nd in the classes throughout the year qualify for our Championship in December. Lovely rugs, trophies and prizes to be won for League Winners and Championship Class winners.
A long way off Dressage riders but definitely exciting stuff and a Mr Motivator for working hard with your dressage.
Happy Dressaging In 2016 

1st – Lesley Dawson + Trowan Promise 71.74%
2nd – Estelle Chambers + Jetstream 71.09%
3rd – Rachel Crozier + Quiet Girl JJ 69.35%

1st – Lesley Dawson + Trowan Promise 70%
2nd - Rachel Crozier + Quiet Girl JJ 69.57%
3rd – Chantelle Ellis + Cherry 68.7%

1st – Judith Firth + Donny 81.05%
2nd – Karen Lough + Helmydd Cookie 72.89%
3rd – Megan Brown + Hillgarth Rio Bravo 69.74%

1st - Megan Brown + Hillgarth Rio Bravo 71.88%
2nd – Katie Robinson + Flagmount Dancer 65.83%
3rd – David Morris + Touchstone Diamond 63.54%
1ST – Laura Wright + Elfi Von Birkenhof 70.19%
2nd – Matilda Harrison + Commanchi Z 67.5%

1ST – Laura Wright + Elfi Von Birkenhof 69.23%
2nd – Matilda Harrison + Commanchi Z 66.92

1st – Sam Graham + Little Miss Milly 71.09%
2nd – Joanne Metcalfe + Highwell Rialto 62.66%

1st – Sam Graham + Little Miss Milly 70.6%
2nd – Joanne Metcalfe + Highwell Rialto 62.6%


What a great turn out for our Christmas Special. We loved all the costumes and Christmas jumpers. It’s always nice to see so many people making great efforts especially at this time of year. 

Well Done to all competitors, we had some great Show Jumping!!

Thanks again for supporting L.F.E
1st place 50cm – Tillie Ball and Rupert
1st place 60cm Plankety Planks - Tillie Ball and Rupert
1st place 60cm Pairs – Jade Smith and Popular Demand + Jade Frame and 5 Star Frankie
1st place 70cm Pony – Rebecca Wilkins and Star
1st place 80cm Pony – Sophie Bass and Star V
1st place 90cm Pony – Katie Wood and Squire
1st place 1m Pony – Katie Wood and Squire
Fancy Dress 1st place – Ellie Mae who was the star on top of the Christmas tree
1st place 70cm Horse – Judith Firth and Donny
1st place 80cm Horse – Fiona Wood and Harvey
1st place 90cm Horse – Charlie Toon and Henley


After a brilliant year of unaffiliated Dressage, our Four Seasons Dressage Championships came to a finale at Lane Farm yesterday.
Storm Desmond nearly blew us away on Saturday but Sunday, our Championship Day, the wind and rain held off and we had sunshine.  Sunshiney smiles were also on the faces of some of our competitors, namely junior Megan Brown winning a cup for the first time; the Intro Championship Class, she couldn’t contain her excitement.  Brilliant!  Megan was also Intro League Reserve Champion for the Year.  Well Done Megan.  Megan and her sister Faye also entered the Dressage to Music Class and were dressed for Christmas.  Megan as Santa and Faye as an Elf.  We loved the jingly bells Faye!!
Yesterday we presented 30 trophies and prizes.  Four leagues, Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary; down to 6th placing and our Championship Classes on the Day.  Thank you everyone for supporting Lane Farm Four Seasons Dressage over the course of the Year and we hope you enjoy your Awards, they were well deserved.
A mention to Gina Jennings Nelson of Supreme Rosettes, thank you again Gina for producing such an array of beautiful rosettes and also Amy Thomson of for most of the photographs on this posting, thank you. J
We have seen novice horses starting out at the beginning of the year and novice riders too, both coming on in leaps and bounds and now ready to take their Challenge to the next level.
A mention too regarding our talented dressage riders at Livery here at Lane Farm, many in the line-up of Champions.  We have a very strong contingent and high standard of Dressage Riders who have been successful in Dressage competitions this year. Namely Laura Wright who won the Prelim Petplan Area Festival and qualifies for the National Championships.   Jade Smith, Sarah Knowles, Jessica Foggett who also qualified for the BD TeamQuest Finals at Port Royal.  Joanne Metcalfe and Stevie Dowson, Emma Chisholm, always in the ribbons.  Samantha Graham successful at Novice and Elementary levels. Rebecca Glen and Toby who had never ridden in any Dressage Test until Feb of 2015, who were placed third in our Intro Champ League.  Just to name a few.  It shows how regular lessons and continued competition is the key to success.  Lane Farmers we are very proud of you!  Proud of my sister-n-law too; Vicky Wilson, Dressage Rider and Instructor for teaching most of these girls.  (Sorry, I’m having a bit of a proud moment!!)
We would like to thank all our competitors for your support and team L.F.E. for producing these events. We look forward to seeing you all again for the 2016 Four Seasons Dressage Championship.  Our first episode being, Sunday the 3rd January.  (Hope the Hangovers have worn off by then!).  Please refer to our website events page for the 2016 Schedule.
Wishing you All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Happy Dressaging … L.F.E.  J  J

FOUR SEASONS DRESSAGE CHAMPIONS 2015  (Championship Classes)
Intro Champion  - Megan Brown and Hillgarth Rio Bravo
Prelim Champion – Laura Wright and Elfi Von Birkenhof
Novice Champion – Laura Wright and Elfi Von Birkenhof
Elementary Champion – Sam Graham and Little Miss Milly
Dressage to Music Champion – Sam Graham and Little Miss Milly

Intro League Champion – Karen Lough and Helmydds Cookie
Intro Reserve Champion – Megan Brown and Hillgarth Rio Bravo

Prelim Champion – Jade Smith and Popular Demand
Prelim Reserve Champion – Emma Chisholm and Charlie

Novice Champion – Laura Wright and Elfi Von Birkenhof
Novice Reserve Champion – Joanne Metcalfe and Highwell Rialto

Elementary Champion – Chrissie Havis and MY Dejavu
Elementary Reserve Champion – Joanne Metcalfe and Highwell Rialto