Our Shooting Stars Champions for 2015 are:

Novice Star League : Anna Shaw and Hillgarth Autumn Lady
Intermediate Star League : Piper Clarke and Carlos...

Advanced Star League : Piper Clarke and Carlos

Congratulations to our ~Champions
- and all who competed on our Wednesday evening Showjumping for the last year.
It is amazing to see the progress of our Stars. Anna Shaw and Autumn, who started off at 55cm this year is currently jumping 75cm and young Piper Clarke, winner of our Novice Star league in 2014, having changed to horses, has won both the Intermediate Star and Advanced Star Leagues!! What a Star you are Piper you have won all our Shooting Stars Championship Leagues and you are only 12!!
Please refer to our Showjumping Leagues page on our LFE website for our run down of our top twenty in each league.
A presentation of the top six out of each league will be held at our Grandslam Showjumping on Sunday, 13th September 2015 @ 1.30pm. Please attend for your cups, rosettes and prizes.

Novice Star League 2015
 CHAMPION: Anna Shaw - Hillgarth Autumn Lady
Reserve Champ: Poppy Deakin - Sooty
3rd: Ella Jackson - Sparky
4th: Josie Purvis - Goldie
5th: Piper Clarke - Matilda
6th: Ella Robinson - Bleach Green Sanderling
Intermediate Star League 2015
CHAMPION: Piper Clarke - Carlos
Reserve Champion: Poppy Deakin - Sooty
3rd: Abby Gibson - Wispa
4th: Beth Miles - Toby
5th: Emily Scott - Blaze
6th: Judith Baker - Olly
Advanced Star League 2015
CHAMPION: Piper Clarke - Carlos
Reserve Champion: Sophie Judy - Commanche Z
3rd: Rebecca Holmes - Revolver
Joint 4th: Abby Davison - Minnie
Joint 4th: Harry Mutch - Eric
5th: Nina Robinson - Everything Voodoo
6th: Jodie Beckham - Buddy
Well Done Everybody and thank you for supporting Lane Farm's Shooting Stars Evening Showjumping. ... L.F.E.