Update 16/07/13: British Showjumping 'Club'

HERE IS THE PROOF that Lane Farm support British Showjumping Club membership.
This is Jamie Davison with What a Corker and Matilda Harrison with Bamalam A Ding Dong. As you know 'Club' is based on 8 leagues in Britain. We are the Northern League which stretches from Cheshire to the Scottish Border. You can jump in 70,80,90, and 1m leagues. for horses and ponies.
The League runs from May to May with the Championships held at Bishop Burton College in August. 
We are very proud to say that Matilda and Jamie who started competing 2 years ago at Lane Farm Club events have both had major success by Matilda winning the 1m Pony Northern League and Jamie wining both the 80cm and 90cm Pony Northern League - how proud are we of they!!! - Congratulations !!! 
This goes to prove how British Showjumping Club membership inspires people new to showjumping and gives them confidence to progress to higher levels. Both Matilda and Jamie will be presented at the 'National Showjumpers Ball' for their acheivements, how great is that! Not before though, the Championships itself which are held at Bishop Burton in August, where they will compete in the Championship classes on the Day. Good Luck to them for the Championship weekend and our other local riders who are Club members who will be competing in the Championship too.
WELL DONE, we're very proud ... LFE