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Welcome to Lane Farm Equestrian

LANE FARM EQUESTRIAN based at Hartford Road, Bedlington is a reputable livery yard and competition centre.

Our aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with great facilities for horse and rider. Whether you are a leisure rider or more competitive rider, we cater for your needs.

Having a large indoor arena at our disposal, riders have the opportunity to ride all year round; whatever the weather. Even in snow and ice or howling gale, you have the opportunity to keep your horse fit, training up to date, or just have a ride; you are in a protected environment.

We have 400 acre of off-road riding as well as two outdoor arenas. Competition is on your door step with weekly showjumping, frequent dressage events and training. We have our own exciting Championship Leagues together with British Showjumping and British Dressage Events.

High on the agenda at Lane Farm and recommended by the British Horse Society and governing Veterinarian bodies, is the importance of Bio-Security and the protection of our livery horses. To this end new horses are screened for Strangles and are quarantined for three weeks.

Any contagious disease, whether it be Strangles, Equine Flu, Herpes, Foreign diseases and even Ringworm would manifest itself in that time. Thus ensuring our existing herd safe, as any infectious animal would be isolated from the main herd, from the onset of arrival.

Enjoying the benefits of competition on site also brings the challenges of visiting horses. However, NO horses other than livery horses are allowed in our stable yard and all good bio-security measures are taken in our competition area.

Our Quarantine Facilities include, Field Shelter/Stable/Field/Feed and Exercise area, all set aside from our Stable Yard.

Quarantining new horses makes sense - giving our existing liveries peace of mind, helping eradicate and keep disease at bay.

Three weeks pass very quickly and don’t forget you still ride – however afterwards you are able to enjoy our wonderful facilities and great social atmosphere. Oh .. and don’t forget to check out our website events page for happenings at Lane Farm.

To help new livery customers with initial screening, Lane Farm has a great offer: - YOUR FIRST MONTHS LIVERY FREE! - What could be fairer … Feel free to contact us for more information regarding Lane Farm Equestrian.

Tel. 01670 823042/ 07719 645283


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