L.F.E Unaffiliated Dressage Series - 2017 League Champions

Our Four Seasons Dressage Series has come to an end for this year and we are delighted to list below our 2017 League Champions, Reserve Champions and placings down to 6th for each league.  If you would like to see your league positions, please refer to ‘Dressage Leagues’ page on the L.F.E. website.

Congratulations to our Champions and well done everyone who took the time and effort to participate in Lane Farm’s Four Seasons unaffiliated dressage competitions.  We thank you for your valued support.
We feel honoured to have such a high standard of dressage riders and teachers enjoy dressage at Lane Farm and we have great pleasure watching the progress, riders and their obedient horses/ponies make.  We hope you have enjoyed the competitions and have had fun battling to improve your position in the Leagues.

Championships Presentation:
Our League Champions (and placings to 6th in the Leagues),  will be presented at our Dressage Championship Show, on Sunday 3rd December 2017.  We hope you will be able to make the presentation which will be held after the Prelim Class.


·         Sunday, 3rd December 2017  -  Dressage Championship Day at Lane Farm

Championship Classes at Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary.  Also D2M (Prelim)

Entry: Qualification Only  -  To have been placed 1st or 2nd in any class in 2017 Four Season Dressage class series.  To have been placed top 10 in any of our Four Seasons Dressage Leagues

Please note  -  D2M Championship (Prelim) -   DOES NOT NEED QUALIFICATION

This class is open to anyone.

Championship Trophies and rosettes to 6th place will be awarded for each class, including D2Music (Prelim).

We would be grateful if you could enter as soon as possible via Equo Events

 ·         Sunday, 7th January 2018  -  Lane Farms’ 2018 Four Seasons Unaff. Dressage Series  – the Schedule for the first six months of this unaffiliated dressage series is displayed on our Events page now. (incorporating Trailblazers Qualifiers)
2017 League Champions

CHAMPION – Faye Brown and Maenan Captain Corelli
Reserve Champion – Fran Adamson and Park Maude
3rd – Georgia Carpenter and Eden Maybe
4th – Hannah Fenwick and Venus
5th – Tracy Coxon and Bandon Bob
6th – Deborah Smith and Resolute

Prelim League
CHAMPION – Ellen More and Stan
Reserve Champion – Hayley Wilson and Bonnie
3rd – Louise Chisholm and Charlie
4th – Georgina Finnigan and Old Mill Sunshine
5th – Amy Thomson and Bordergrove Honolulu
6th – Emma Sibbald and Battlestown Bouncer

Novice League
CHAMPION – Jade Smith and Popular Demand
Reserve Champion – Megan Brown and Hillgarth Rio Bravo
3rd – Tracy Thirlwall and Tapaidh Frankie
4th – Abigail Knowles and Glentress
Joint 5th – Gail Brown and Zonda
Joint 5th – Stevie Dowson and Harvey

Elem League
CHAMPION -  Megan Brown and Hillgarth Rio Bravo
Joint 2nd – Emma Metcalff and Peter
Joint 2nd – Jade Smith and Popular Demand
4th – Keith McVittie and Australian Gold
Joint 5th – Gerry Oliver and Hillgarth Rio Bravo
Joint 5th – Jessica Foggett and Jupe