Show Jumping Sunday 14th May

Lane Farm Equestrian had another fun filled showjumping Sunday

Remember that all placings mean points in our Shooting Stars and Grandslam Leagues.                       
Check out your league position on our website Show Jumping Leagues page.
Stacie Cox with Johny won the 70cm Swan Class which is kindly Sponsored by a local pub in Choppington. Stacie was presented with a £20 voucher to spend at the newly refurbished pub.

It would be great if any of our unaffiliated riders who were placed in our Club Classes on Sunday became a member of British Show Jumping Club. If you joined you would accrue points from Sunday’s Show and qualify for the National Championships at Stoneleigh in August.   If you are interested please join within two weeks of our 14th May Show to qualify for the National Championship’s. It is great fun and a highly prestigious event for you and your horse/pony. Annual membership is still only £30.00 per annum.  Please call BS office for further details  -  024 7669 8800                                                              

As always, we are very grateful to everyone who supports the Showjumping at LFE. We look forward to seeing you again on Sunday 11th June for another great day jumping!

Results –


1st – Mollie Kavanagh and April

2nd – Sue Charlton and Dolly

3rd – Ashlyn Rutherford and Emma

4th – Gemma Mconnel and Vader

5th – Helen Crollman and Lady

6th – Alex Lee and Hamlet



1st – Mollie Kavanagh and Aril

2nd – Rachel Forster and Brylin

3rd – Gemma Mconnel and Tasha

4th - Helen Crollman and Lady

5th - Gemma Mconnel and Vader

6th – Alex Lee and Hamlet


70cm Pony

1st – Mollie Kavanagh and Prancer

2nd – Julie Ferguson and Summer

3rd – Georgie Finnigan and Old Mill Sunshine

4th – Ava Taperell and Lexi

5th – Ebony Mcdermott and Bowes Tokyo Drift

6th – Rachel Forster and Brylin


80cm Pony

1st – Harry Baker and Olly

2nd – Emily Mcdermott and Bowes Miss Understood

3rd – Mollie Kavanagh and Prancer

4th – Julie Ferguson and Summer

5th – Billy Mcdermott and Knockilla Jasmine


90cm Pony

1st – Harri Baker and Olly

2nd – Mollie Kavangh and Prancer

3rd – Ebony Mcdemort and Bowes Miss Understood


70cm Horse

1st – Stacie Cox and Johny

2nd – Megan Wackett and Dalton Phoenix

3rd – Emily Scott and China V

4th – Alison Ainsley and Guisborn Haneef

5th – Olivia Armstrong and Grace

6th – Rachel Davison and Phoenix


80cm Horse

1st – Anna Robinson and Millificent

2nd Megan Wackett and Dalton Phoenix

3rd – Emily Scott and China V

4th – Lisa Richardson and Prince Harry

5th – Michael Aruthur and Rainbow

6th – Imogyn Forsythe and Cloondahara


90cm Horse

1st – Lisa Richardson and Prince Harry

2nd – Anna Robinson and Millificent

3rd – Michael Arthur and Rainbow

4th – Amy Tapping and Jumangi

5th – Stephanie Brown and Diamond Purdy

6th – Amanda Robinson and Jack