GRANDSLAM SPECIAL - Sunday, 14th Sept. 2014
… and what a Special Day it was!
Every class had a trophy to the winner and boy what a great turn-out of ponies we had in
the morning, what great sports they were. Thank you pony people for supporting our Grandslam event, we hope you enjoyed yourselves!
The pairs relay was hotly contended so much so, we had a few eager beavers going at quite a pace and toppling off as they ground to a halt! Happily everyone survived but I have to say there would be many parents hearts beating alittle faster. I know mine was as they sped past the trophy display! … oh what fun at Lane Farm. On a more serious note though … it was great to see these children, some very young with such verve and determination, brave as they are, with such a competitive spirit. Horse classes continued into the afternoon, with competitors gaining BS League points and Grandslam points apart from winning their trophies.
One of the highlights of the day had to be our Shooting Stars Showjumpers Champion Awards for 2014.
Shooting Stars Evening Showjumping, held every Wednesday at Lane Farm, sees winners and placings to 6th on the night, accrue points for Lane Farms Novice Star, Intermediate Star and Advanced Star leagues for 12 months.
Yesterday was a celebration of our league Champions, who with steely determination have worked hard to achieve their Champion status, attending in all weathers and producing some thrilling showjumping. It was time to reward our Shooting Stars!
Complete with annual ownership of the perpetual Championship Cup, their own Big Star trophy, British Showjumping Rug and Emily Cole comic showjumping pictures, they were justifiably proud.
Congratulations to our Champions: Piper Clarke with Matilda who was our Novice Star Champion. Billy Luther and Jumping Jack Flash, our Intermediate Star Champion and
Harry Mutch, our Advanced League Champion and to all our placings.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Star leagues for 2014 and don’t forget every Wednesday night is a Shooting Stars night at Lane Farm - who will be our Champions for 2015 ??
A good day was had by all … thanks LFE