Update 13/12/13: Dressage Championship - Sunday 8th December 2013

Four Seasons Dressage Championships
Sunday 8 Dec. 2013

Yesterday was our Four Seasons Dressage Championships, the day where we crowned our Leading Dressage Riders of the Year in the Restricted League and Open League for 2013. These riders were top of their respective leagues over a twelve month period. We also acknowledged our top scoring Junior riders in both sections for 2013.

Our Leading Dressage Rider for 2013 in the Restricted League
Champion: Stevie Dowson and Harvey
Restricted League Best Junior for 2013: Tia Batey and Abby

Our Leading Dressage Rider for 2013 in the Open League
Champion: Alex Maben and Charlie
Open League Best Junior for 2013: Alex Maben and Charlie

We also presented our Four Seasons Summer/Autumn 2013 Awards

Summer/Autumn League Champions 2013

Restricted Champion: Stevie Dowson and Harvey
Reserve: Katie Dalby and Barney
Best Junior: Tia Batey and Will-i-am

Open Champion: Alex Maben and Charlie
Reserve: Sarah Knowles and George
Best Junior: Alex Maben and Charlie

Last but not least we had our Championship Classes of the Day.
These classes were supported by riders who had qualified at their level by either having
won or placed second in any of our Four Seasons Dressage Classes in 2013.

Championship Classes
Intro Championship - Helene Grove and Kilbricken Park
Prelim (R) Championship - Katherine Hague and Jack
Prelim (O) Championship - Alex Maben and Charlie
Dressage to Music (Novice level) - Alex Maben and Charlie (Stand alone competition on the day, no qualifier)
Novice Championship - Alex Maben and Charlie
Elementary Championship - Keith McVittie and Australian Gold

We would like to thank everyone who supported our Four Seasons Dressage Championships for 2013 and thank you to all who competed yesterday and thanks once again to our Lane Farm Dressage team, who without their loyal help, these events couldn’t take place.

Just a mention that we have our 2014 Four Seasons Dressage Schedule out now and that there have been changes, so make sure you read the schedule rules and conditions!

But we must end with Congratulations to all our Champions and a special, My oh My Alex Maben and Charlie you are our Champion of Champions for 2013!!! Well Done

PS: Who enjoyed the Dressage2Music yesterday, wasn’t it great … more to come in 2014, watch this space!

Well thats us done for 2013 Dressage Divas, see you all in 2014.
May we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Lane Farm Equestrian