Update 12/06/13: Fun and Club Show & Shooting Stars Spring League Presentation Sunday 9th June 2013

Our Fun and Club Show, Sunday gone also represented our presentation of our Shooting Stars Spring League winners and placings. Congrats to Jodie Leigh Beckham winning the Pony league and Alex Locky with Foxy Fagan winners of the Horse League. Hope you like your trophies and prizes! Jodie regularly jumps the bigger classes against the horses and gives them a run for their money and Alex's dogged approach to winning that trophy paid off big style. Thanks everyone for supporting Shooting Stars, this could be you too. Don't forget all points go towards the Leading Showjumper of the Year too. 

Also well done to our winners at our Fun And BS Club Show - Savannah Harding, Lucie Sweet, Bethany Hope Owen, Julie Dodds, Claudia Harding, Lucy Angus, Jamie Davison, Alex Lockey, Rachel Charlton, Harry Mutch x 2 and Leigh Ann Lewis. Thank you for your support and hope to see you all soon for more fun and thrills at Lane Farm.

Our Shooting Stars Champs:

                                             Jodie Beckham & Captain Black Jack
Alex Lockey & Foxy Fagan