Update 11/04/13: WOODLANDS SHOW X WEDNESDAY 10th APRIL 2013

Hello Everyone

Well we had our first Woodlands ShowX yesterday, the first of six in our Woodlands Challenge, (future dates on Woodlands Schedule).
It was great to see some new faces, thank you girls who came from Belford very early this morning, well prepared for the first class - hope you enjoyed yourselves Rhiannon and Madison.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the course set, which got more exciting as the heights increased. Complete with plenty woodland scenery and characters horses and ponies jumped well. Thank you Holly for your 'foxy' appearance at the prize giving, I hope I didn't embarass you too much. 
It was great to see Alex and Mr Messy back in action and Jimmy and Adrian flying the flag for Ireland.  Congrats LFE's Fran and Bobby Dazzler (who did so well at Eden Valley last weekend too.)
Thank you everybody and remember these placing's also goes towards our Woodlands Points league, which will have 4 Champions at the end of the six dates.
Bye for now Woodlanders .... see you next time - 29th May 2013.