Update 06/03/12: Four Seasons Dressage - Winter League 2011 Winners

After being postponed due to snowy weather on Sunday 5th February 2012 our Winter Series Final was held, Sunday 18th February 2012.

A great day was had in a very relaxed atmosphere, and we are pleased to be able to list below our WINNERS and runners up for the Winter League 2011.
'Restricted' Senior League Winner
Holly Critchlow with Mattie Brown

'Resticted' Senior League Runner Up
Vanessa Wark with Brockfields Twist Of Fate

'Open' Senior League Winner
Susan Harrison with Vice Versa

'Open' Senior League Runner Up
Lane Farm's own Joanne Metcalf with Highwell Rialto

'Restricted' Junior League Winner
Jessica Foggett with Inkers Calligraphy

'Restricted' Junior League Runner Up
Kerry Crosskey with Buzz

'Open' Junior League Winner
Rachel Chambers with Holly

'Open' Junior League Runner Up
Alexandria Coulson with Rhos Robuck

Well done everyone, thank you for supporting Lane Farm Dressage. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring Series competitions.

Jessica Foggett 'Restricted' Junior League Winner

 Kerry Crosskey 'Restricted' Junior League Runner Up

Holly Critchlow 'Restricted' Senior League Winner 

 Rachel Chambers 'Open' Junior League Winner

Susan Harrison 'Open' Senior League Winner 

Joanne Metcalf 'Open' Senior League Runner Up