We have pleasure to announce the winners and placings of our Autumn League for 'SHOOTING STARS'.

Congratulations to all!!

Our awards presentation will be held on our 'Festive Fun and Club Day Show' Sunday 11th December, approximately mid-afternoon.
Would the following prize winners please attend if at all possible. We have winners trophies, medals and rosettes to 6th place.

Autumn Pony League.

WINNER 1st - Jodie Leigh Beckham - Poppy
2nd - Niamh Goldsmith - Ben
3rd - Kiera Partis Harmon - Nerwyn Endor
4th - Charlie Parker - Thompson
JOINT 5th - Jodie Leigh Beckham - Black Jack
JOINT 5th - Sophie Ball - Spiders Dance
6th - Nicole McGregor - Prince

Autumn Horse League

WINNER 1st - Claire Black - Else`
2nd - Sonya Roe - Matty
3rd - Natalie Anderson - Harry
4th - Sophie Ball - The Dark Emperor
5th - Rebecca Rowell - Alfie Moon
6th - Daisy Walker - Gunner

Well done to all of you and thank you for your continued support over the Autumn season.

DON'T FORGET we commence with our Winter League Wednesday 7th December 2011.
The four seasons 'SHOOTING STARS' will culminate in the leading Pony Showjumper of the Year, and leading Horse Showjumper of the Year, at the end of August 2012 with wonderful cups and prizes. Every point helps!!

Please download our 'Festive Fun and Club' Indoor Showjumping schedule for Sunday 11th December 2011, to see our happenings on our presentation day.