Livery Prices:

DIY Livery
To include:
Fodder and Bedding
Use of all facilities including indoor and outdoor arenas
Price: £52 per week.
Part Livery
Price on Application.
Grass Livery
To include:
Use of all facilities excluding indoor arena
Price: £26 per week.

Winter Field Shelter Livery
To include:
Bedding and adlib hay/haylage
Use of all facilities excluding indoor arena

Price: £36 per week.

Arena Prices:

View our 'Site Rules and Conditions' for Hirers and Clinics here.

ALERT! ALERT! 11/12/19

In light of the current situation regarding Equine Flu.
Lane Farm Equestrian require all competitors/hirers to be up to date with their horses vaccinations.

Passports will be required for inspection
Indoor Arena Hire
Opening Times:   7am - 9pm ( All week )
OFF-PEAK - Exclusive use of the arena  
Weekdays  11am – 4pm
Weekends  3pm – 9pm

PEAK  Conditional to shared use of the arena with liveries
Weekdays   7am – 11am     4pm – 9pm
Weekends   7am – 3pm

Off-Peak Flat      Exclusive use of arena  
£20.00 per hour  incl. VAT:  
£5.00 extra per horse
With jumps (not full course) £25.00 incl. VAT

Peak Flat         Conditional to shared use of arena with liveries
£25.00 per hour  incl. VAT:  
£6.00 extra per horse

Full Course of Show Jumps  
 £30.00 per hour incl. VAT
£7.00 extra per horse Exclusive use of arena

Outdoor Arena Hire
£10.00 per hour incl. VAT

Group/Club/Show/Event Hire
Flat Work Clinic
£30.00 per hour incl. VAT

Show Jump Clinic
£35.00 per hour incl. VAT

Horse Shows
£40.00 per hour incl. VAT.
Includes use of show jumps, warm up arenas etc.